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Introducer tip, prelubricated, ultra-smooth eyelets, 1500 ml collection bag. Kit contains gloves, underpad drape, gauze and PVP swabsticks.

Number Description Size
B6FB Firm 6Fr
B8FB Firm 8Fr
B10FB Firm 10Fr
B12FB Firm 12Fr
B14FB Firm 14Fr
B16FB Firm 16Fr
B18FB Firm 18Fr

B12CB Coude 12Fr
B14CB Coude 14Fr
B16CB Coude 16Fr

B12SB Soft 12Fr
B14SB Soft 14Fr

B12RB Red rubber latex 12Fr
B14RB Red rubber latex 14Fr
B16RB Red rubber latex 16Fr

B14FB - female Firm 14Fr, 6"

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UMP has been a great help to me. I lost my job to health issues. I was diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder in 1998 for 15 years it’s gradually gotten worse. Now, I use 10 plus self cathedars a day. My medical supplies and medicines are expensive. Thank goodness my Urologist office got in touch with UMP, they help me in every way possible. I want to thank David Willis, President UMP and Kristie Petro, CST Territory Manager for having a outstanding company and offering outstanding service. Kristi Petro has been very kind and thoughtful helping me with free samples. I don't know what I would have done without them. — Mary

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